Fighting Sex Crime Accusations

If you have been accused of a sex crime, it's important not to talk about the charges to anyone other than your attorney. Anything you say to anyone else can be used against you.

Police investigating a sex crime will often say things like, "we just want to get your side of the story." However, rather than trying to help you, police may only be hoping you will slip up and give them information they don't already know. It's likely that nothing you say will help your case, and it could end up providing incriminating evidence to the police.

I am criminal defense attorney Keith Williams in Greenville, North Carolina. I defend people charged with all types of sex crimes in North Carolina, including:

Defenses In Sex Crime Cases

In any sex crime case, the credibility of the alleged victim is very important. If the victim has a history of making false allegations or has mental health issues, that can be a key part of your defense. Whenever possible, I will dig into the history of the alleged victim.

Police tend to end their investigations after they charge someone with a crime. If needed, I will consider hiring private investigators and expert witnesses to find evidence supporting the defense.

Sex crimes carry life-changing consequences, including lengthy prison sentences — even for a first offense, followed by registration as a sex offender.

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