Greenville Whistleblower Lawyer

Whistleblower cases typically involve honest, hardworking people who are either asked by their employer to do something illegal or who see a co-worker do something illegal. Many try to do something about the illegal activities, only to face retaliation from their employer. If the illegal conduct involves fraud involving federal or state money, there is something you can do about it.

I am North Carolina attorney Keith Williams. In addition to my Greenville criminal law practice, I represent whistleblowers in Qui Tam actions under the Federal False Claims Act. With my background in federal court and experience negotiating the Qui Tam process in the federal system, I understand how to approach these cases.

What Is A Qui Tam Action?

A Qui Tam action is a whistleblower action that allows you to report fraud to the federal government. If the government recovers money as a result of your information, you will receive a portion of the proceeds of any recovery. The technical term for a whistleblower is a Qui Tam "relator," meaning that you relate your information to the federal government for appropriate action.

The Qui Tam action applies to any type of fraud involving federal or state money. For example, if you work in a doctor's office and become aware that someone is committing Medicare fraud, your information could be the basis for a Qui Tam action, which could result in financial compensation for both you and the federal government. The same applies if you are involved in a contract between the federal government and one of its vendors, and you become aware that the vendor is defrauding the government in some way. In this day and age of ever-expanding federal spending, the possibilities for filing Qui Tam actions are endless.

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