Click On The Wrong Link And You May Face Criminal Charges

The internet can bring up images that you may not expect, and once viewed, they can remain on your hard drive even after they are erased. Possession of child pornography is a crime in both state and federal court.

I am criminal defense attorney Keith Williams. I am dedicated in my Greenville law practice to defending people who are charged with serious state and federal crimes in Eastern North Carolina. Computer crime (cyber-crime) can also include various types of internet fraud, cyber theft or identity theft.

Dealing With Internet Sex Crimes

Law enforcement can track downloads of files from a computer's IP address. As a next step, officers obtain a search warrant and seize the computer as evidence.

When defending people charged with this crime, I retain experienced and capable computer experts who do a forensic examination of a clone of your computer's hard drive. Was it a virus or spyware? Was there one image on your computer or more than that? Was the person shown in the image really a minor, or an adult who was made to look like a minor?

I authored a chapter in the book Litigation Strategies for Internet Pornography Cases: Leading Lawyers on Understanding How Pornography Crimes Are Committed, Detected and Defended, published in 2012 and available here. The chapter addresses practical approaches as well as helping clients deal with the public's zeal for stiff punishment.

Possession of child pornography can also be charged as state crime. In North Carolina, the charge is called sexual exploitation. It is still a felony, but it is sometimes possible to receive probation if your case stays in state court. Keep in mind, though, that a case can start in state court and then later move to federal court.

What Options Exist?

Speak with an attorney at the first sign of a criminal investigation. For a free consultation with a board-certified Greenville child pornography defense attorney, call me at 252-565-4661, or fill out the contact form on this website.

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