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Expungement Lawyer in Greenville, North Carolina

An arrest or conviction on your record can become a major barrier to achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Getting into college or graduate school becomes more difficult. Getting the job you want may be all but impossible. Fortunately, you may be able to clear your criminal record through a process known as expungement.

I am Keith A. Williams, and one my goals as a lawyer is to see that my clients are able to move forward after an arrest or conviction. I am a Greenville expungement attorney who frequently handles these issues in state courts throughout eastern North Carolina, including Raleigh. I am proud to say that in my 20-plus years of private practice, I have played a role in erasing a number of problems from my clients' records, allowing them to enjoy brighter futures.*

What Types of Offenses Does Expungement Address?

Many types of criminal convictions carry the possibility of being expunged in North Carolina. Violent offenses such as murder, armed robbery and sexual assault are not eligible. There are a number of eligibility rules, including rules stating that your offense is only eligible for expungement after a certain number of years have passed.

  • Nonviolent felony convictions: If you have a Class H or Class I felony conviction, I can help you apply for expungement if the conviction was at least 15 years ago and you have not been convicted of anything else since. Class H and I felonies include a very wide range of offenses, including certain forms of fraud or embezzlement, threatening government officers, intercepting emails, forgery, counterfeiting and much more.

    To look up your conviction to determine the class of felony, please visit this site and type in your name in the appropriate field: http://webapps6.doc.state.nc.us/opi/offendersearch.do?method=view
  • Nonviolent misdemeanor convictions: Offenses such as drinking tickets/underage drinking, prostitution, possession of stolen goods and other crimes may be eligible.
  • Misdemeanor drug convictions: These include possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and other low-level drug offenses.
  • Cases that were dismissed

It is sometimes possible to obtain an expungement of more than one offense. The offenses must be expunged in the proper order. Make sure your attorney knows the rules and procedures.

Eligibility Check

I am available to be retained for the limited purpose of checking to see if you are eligible for record expungement. I will review the public court records and talk with you on the phone to let you know whether you qualify for an expungement.

Contact a Raleigh Attorney to Expunge a Criminal Record

To get more information on criminal record expungement in North Carolina, call the Law Offices of Keith A. Williams, P.A., at 252-931-9362 or send me an email. Based in Greenville, I handle expungement issues throughout the state.

*Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its individual merits. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in the future.

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